Bernards has built a robust reputation as a commercial builder based on a strong work ethic, industry expertise, and attention to detail. These qualities are reflected in the partnerships we’ve built with dedicated and experienced Subcontractors and Vendors. Bernards is committed to enduring relationships with its current Subcontractors while welcoming new relationships with quality firms seeking to be part of the Better Experience® with Bernards.

To best manage our relationships with Subcontractors, Bernards requests that Subcontractors participate in our Prequalification Program. Prequalification is not required to bid with Bernards, however, Subcontractors must complete the prequalification process to be awarded a contract.

Participation in Prequalification will improve our ability to collaborate with Subcontractors while providing them with the benefit of inclusion in potential select project lists. Prequalification participation also provides the easiest way to maintain prequalified status.

For assistance with the submittal process, please email us at

Textura™ Payment System
We are committed to expediting payments to our Subcontractors and Major Suppliers. To streamline the payment process, Bernards has adopted the Textura™ Construction Payment Management system.

Textura™ is an Internet-based construction invoicing and payment system. Subcontractors electronically sign and submit their pay applications including invoices, conditional and unconditional lien waivers, and sworn statements.

Payments are made electronically which results in faster access to funds. Bernards pays for the majority of the cost for the Textura™ system. A small fee is paid directly by each Subcontractor or Major Supplier to Textura™ which should be included in any bid to Bernards.


We regularly invite Subcontractors and Vendors to bid our projects with consideration given to geographic area, technical capability, project size, and our working relationships. The Bernards Current Bid List can be viewed in the following link:


Conditions of Bid Submission
It is important to first be knowledgable of our Conditions of Bid Submission before submitting a bid. Please review the information in the following links before bid submission:



PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting a bid on a Multi-Prime Project, follow the provisions of the “Instruction to Bidders” for that project.

We encourage you to contact us at for questions or general information.

Please click here for a list of STANDARD FORMS